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MFquestdlg: add two more cool fratures to MFquestdlg

version 1.3.1 (6.39 KB) by raym
Add two cool features to ‘MFquestdlg from Saeid

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Updated 09 Jan 2020

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Add two cool features to ‘MFquestdlg from Saeid

Feature:1: if you call it in a loop, during the loop you can re-position the dialogue anywhere and matlab will memorize it and take effect immediately next loop. Cool!

Feature 2: The dialogue always float on top, so that for large workarea on the poor small computer screen, such as draw a region of interest on your large image to analysis, you never need bother to activate the dialogue from back fo screen again and again, or you never bother to set position far away from your working area(to the most right side, for example, just in case it be inactivated) and move your mouse again and again over large distance and make you hand exhausted!

When feature 1 add feature, its cool cool cool!

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raym (2021). MFquestdlg: add two more cool fratures to MFquestdlg (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Turlough Hughes

Thanks, the additional features are nice.

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