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Extension of jet colormap to include more colors. It can also be used to build virtually any custom colormaps.


Updated 25 Mar 2020

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Superjet is a general function for colormap building. I originally wrote it back in the days when jet was the default colormap and it was designed as an extension of jet to include black and white. It is used like every other MATLAB built-in colormap functions like jet, hot or parula.
If called without output argument it will show the colormap on a figure.
superjet(); returns a 256–by–3 matrix containing an extension of jet colormap going through black–purple–blue–cyan–green–yellow–orange–red–pink–white.
superjet(N); returns an N–by–3 matrix containing superjet colormap where N is the number of colors.
superjet(N,option); returns the N–by–3 colormap with the following options:
'pale': Superjet is provided with pale colours.
'dark': Superjet is provided with dark colours.
'cyclic': Superjet starts and ends with the same color (designed for representation of angles).
'many': Designed to obtain many distinctive colours instead of a progressive color scale. A combination of normal,dark and pale is returned.
'lines': The same as 'many' but in this case the colormap is shuffled.
'all': All preset colors are shown with their associated character.
'dictionary': Same as 'all' but they are sorted alphabetically.
superjet(N,colors); returns an N–by–3 colormap where colors is a string specifying the colors. The string can have however many characters from the following table.
k – black y – yellow c – cyan m – magenta w – white
g – green r – red b – blue v – violet p – pink
j – jade o – orange u – purple i – indigo q – quartz
l – lime a – amber d – denim n – brown s – salmon
t – turquoise 2 – gray2 4 – gray4 6 – gray6 8 – gray8

Run superjet(‘all’); to see the complete list.

Example calls:
cm=superjet('kg'); % will produce a black to green colormap
cm=superjet('k123456789w'); % will produce a colormap similar to gray()
cm=superjet(200,'kroyw'); % will produce a colormap similar to hot(200)

– AlexV

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