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Covid GUI

version 3.0.3 (54.5 KB) by Peter Seibold
This graphic interface displays the covid time series (cases, deaths, vaccinations and much more) in many selectable manners.


Updated 02 Mar 2021

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This graphic interface displays the covid time series in many selectable manners.
The data from github are retrieved automatically from the web,
URL of main data page:
URL of data csv:
URL of description csv:

• Automatic download of data.
• Display cases, deaths, vaccinations and much more.
• Display several countries at once
• Display data per million population
• Display data tip by mouse click or arrow keys
• Sortable table with data of last (current) day.

Select several countries in the table on the left side
Click on curve to get data tips, hold down mouse button and move mouse,
or use arrow keys.

If download fails, get the csv data with your browser and place the files into the covid folder, see URLs above.

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Peter Seibold (2021). Covid GUI ( Use at your own risk.

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nicely done. I'd recommend: a) adding ability to plot logarithmically --- b) adding ability to plot log(new cases) over log(total cases).... as it depicts the best IMHO how the growth rate changes!
I saw it first here:

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Compatible with R2020a and later releases
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