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Stress-strain analysis

version 1.0.0 (2.23 KB) by Ben cameron
GUI to extract key parameters from the stress strain curve such as elastic modulus and yield strength


Updated 12 May 2020

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The stress strain data can be imported from a csv file, or other method. Running the script will allow the user to click on the elastic region. The instructions are printed on the command line. The user should then click on two points in the elastic region. The program will then determine the elastic modulus, yield stress and yield strain. The parameters and curves will then be saved in the specified path.

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Ben cameron (2021). Stress-strain analysis (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Santosh Kumar

Hi Ben,
It is nice code .
However when I am try to excute it , i get error at intersections.

Seems like the intersections function is missing . Could you fix it ?

[x0,y0,iout,jout] = intersections(strain,stress,offset_x,offset_y,1);


Mauro La Manna

Hi Ben, congrats for the very interesting gui, but in order to work it need of the intersections function. Where can i find it?

chahine Ghimouz

Hi Ben, the first ginput dont work!

Alisa Kishta

Where can I find the intersections function that is called?

William Andsee

Helen Smith

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