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Tide Model Driver (TMD) version 2.5, Toolbox for Matlab

version 2.5.1 (780 KB) by Susan Howard
TMD provides access to specific tide models for viewing harmonic constants and making tidal predictions.


Updated 12 May 2020

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TMD 2.5 is a Matlab toolbox for accessing the coefficients for tidal harmonic constituents in barotropic tide models created by Oregon State University (OSU) and Earth and Space Research (ESR), and for making predictions of tide height and currents. TMD 2.5 includes two components: (1) a set of scripts for accessing tidal fields and making predictions; and (2) a graphical user interface (GUI) for quickly browsing tide fields, zooming in on regions of interest, and selecting points and time ranges for predictions of specific variables.

TMD works with:
• Arctic and Antarctic models available from ESR’s web page (
• Global and regional models provided by OSU ( in binary format with all constituents in a single file.

TMD was originally written by Lana Erofeeva at OSU and is maintained and updated
by Laurie Padman ( at ESR.

We thank the NASA Cryospheric Sciences Program and the NSF Office of Polar Programs for contributing to TMD development.

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S. Erofeeva, L. Padman, and S. L. Howard (2020). Tide Model Driver (TMD) version 2.5, Toolbox for Matlab (, GitHub. Retrieved [date].

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Hi, my name is Anas Othman. I am 4th year student in electrical electronics engineering from Malaysia and now doing my final year project regarding the tidal analysis. Can anyone help me with the tutorial of using this file exchange? I am facing a problems in using this one and cant get any output. Please do help me

chengtuan yin

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