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version (547 Bytes) by Rob Kohr
Writes cell array content into a *.csv file.


Updated 09 May 2005

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This function writes a cell array into a CSV-file.
It works with empty cells, numeric cells, char cells, and string cells. One array can contain all of them.

CSV-files can then be read by Excel, so you don't need DDE or ActiveX.

Written by Sylvain Fiedler. I just fixed the delimiter mistake.

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Rob Kohr (2021). cell2csv (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (26)

Ashwyn Vinay

it works !

Chad tenPas


Really useful code. Just found a bug. It doesn't handle logical values. Solution: add the following lines in the code:

if islogical(var) == 1
var = double(var);

jack fang

It's useful ! Thank you very much!

Craig Detheridge

Works great! I use this to write headers to CSV before using dlmwrite(....'-append')


Stephen Cobeldick

Such a nice idea that is totally ruined by the use of |eval|. Why do beginners think that |eval| is a solution to anything?

For a much better alternative that does not use |eval|, see these FEX submissions:


For an explanation of why using |eval| is a bad way to code (no matter how much beginners love it):

Hopefully no beginners download this and learn to use |eval| for trivial code.

Kelly Kyriakou

This is perfect. How I could add a row with headers?

Pawel Lachowicz

Exceeding my expectations. Great job.



Thanks, it's useful. Numbers conversion is limited to 4 decimals tho. I added a decimals number option!e5gHEZBL!VXEmHX8hqxvwK0ZvrtW1qldtu7dk2KuR7L_DAKQyt5Y

Jose Antonio

When the cell is logical doesn't work

João Neves


Franck Dernoncourt

works great (MATLAB 2012a, <1305983x3 cell>)


Is there an option to do this with "apped" like in DLMWRITE()?

This script would be perfect.

Murat Ates

xlswrite works much faster as Tim pointed. Only thing is I could not make it produce comma delimited cvs. I passed the 65536 row limit with Excel 2010. I found in some places they use xlFormat = 6 instead of 24 but both of them produces tab delimited csv.

“.csv”: FileFormatNum = 6
“.txt”: FileFormatNum = -4158
“.prn”: FileFormatNum = 36

Ivan Brezani

works fine, thanks!

Tim Sharp

For up to 65536 rows and 256 columns (or I assume more in Excel 2007 though I haven't tested), you can write to a csv file super-quick using a modified version of xlswrite. Simply add the enumeration xlFormat = 24 for when ext is csv in the switch-case around line 230 and you simply need to give xlswrite a filename that ends in csv.

Daniel Everson

This function is great. However, it seems that using "eval" on line 28 is unnecessary. By changing:
var = eval(['cellArray{z,s}']);
var = cellArray{z,s};
you get a significant increase in preformance. 16.5 seconds -> .45 seconds in the example I tested for a large cell.

Xi Cheng

Wonderful, just what I need

Sergey Bondarchuk

Thanks, it's useful function.
However, there is a little bug if the cell contains logical values because
isnumeric( logical(1) ) returns 0.
The line 26 should be replaced by:
if isnumeric(var) || islogical(var)


Jalal A

Dude, I love you. I'm learning matlab trial by error. So far ok, al the difficult tasks of parsing I can do. Its the simple stuff like export to txt or csv from cell arrays that stump me :P Thanks for posting

Matt Hoffman

Great function. Only problem is that MATLAB's csvread requires .csv files to be entirely numeric--any chance of a csv2cell in the future, which can read in text data as well?

Delong Liu

Great job.

Paras Jethwani

This utility is quite helpful since I do not know of any way to export MATLAB data to a CSV file which is a very basic requirement.

Nevertheless, this file must also provide support for exporting simple arrays (minor changes required).

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