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Forensic-based investigation algorithm (FBI)

version 1.0.2 (2.72 KB) by Ngoc-Mai Nguyen
FBI is developed to find global solutions of continuous non-linear functions with low computational effort and high accuracy.


Updated 01 Jun 2020

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The main motivation for developing a new algorithm is its capacity to effectively and efficiently solve various optimization problems. A novel optimization method, the forensic-based investigation algorithm (FBI), is developed to determine global solutions for continuous nonlinear functions with low computational effort and high accuracy. FBI is inspired by the suspect investigation–location–pursuit process of police officers. Main features of FBI:
(1) FBI is a parameter-free optimization algorithm.
(2) FBI remarkably outperformed the well-known and newly developed algorithms.
(3) FBI has short computational time and rapidly reaches the optimal solutions in solving problems.
(4) FBI is effective in solving high-dimensional problems (D=1000).
(5) FBI structure has two teams that well balance exploration and exploitation.

Details can be found at: Chou J-S, Nguyen N-M, FBI inspired meta-optimization, Applied Soft Computing, 2020:106339, ISSN 1568-4946,

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Jui-Sheng Chou, Ngoc-Mai Nguyen, FBI inspired meta-optimization, Applied Soft Computing, Volume 93, 2020, 106339, ISSN 1568-4946, (

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