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Nonlinear systems with attractors


Updated 18 Dec 2017

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This is a collection of Simulink blocks implementing simple nonlinear dynamical systems that have attractors in their state space.
A general 3D Simulink scope (coded in the s-functions sfun3d.m) is used to display (in 3D) the evolution of the system during the simulation.

Currently (Jan 2017), the featured systems are Lorenz, Van Der Pol, simple Lotka-Volterra, competitive N-D Lotka Volterra and Henon. Note that this only works for versions 2014b and later.


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Giampiero Campa

For versions 2014b and later, as a temporary fix, you can delete the sfunxyz.m file and install 3Dscope:

Then everything except henon2d will work. I might get around to update this submission in the future.

Giampiero Campa

Note that some of the models are based on a 3D scope that does not work properly for 2014b and later versions. I will try to fix it at some point. If you need it sooner rather than later please let me know.

Simple, practical and well done. Congrats.



I am modelling population growth using Lotka-Volterra competitive equations (not the predatory - prey ones).

Did you use these equations in a model as well?

carlo casorzo

sri red

I downloaded and yet to evaluvate it
-- Germany

Patricio Vergara

how download this file???... because, that's not posible.... I interesting to download to evaluate that, but the page not response the download...

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Inspired by: 3DScope

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