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Motion-Encoded Particle Swarm Optimization

version 1.0.4 (12.4 KB) by Manh Duong Phung
Implementation of the Motion-Encoded Particle Swarm Optimization (MPSO) algorithm for the optimal search of a lost target using UAVs


Updated 07 Oct 2020

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This is the source code for the algorithm Motion-Encoded Particle Swarm Optimization (MPSO). The current implementation is for the optimal search of a lost target with the focus on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). However, it can be modified to apply to other optimization problems. Details of this algorithm can be found in the paper: Manh Duong Phung, Quang Phuc Ha, "Motion-encoded particle swarm optimization for moving target search using UAVs", Journal of Applied soft computing, Volume 97, Part B, pp. 106705, 2020. Link to the paper:

To run the program, download all the source files and execute "MPSO_MAIN.m" in MATLAB.
Note: The Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox needs installing to run the code.

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Manh Duong Phung, Quang Phuc Ha. “Motion-Encoded Particle Swarm Optimization for Moving Target Search Using UAVs.” Applied Soft Computing, Volume 97, Part B, pp. 106705, 2020, doi:10.1016/j.asoc.2020.106705.

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Manh Duong Phung

Yes, you can put the functions PathFromMotion() and PlotSolution() inside the loop for the swarm (for i=1:nPop). Please be aware that given the size of the population, it may take a lot of time to plot the whole swarm. However, you can customize it to your need. Cheers.


May I ask,is there a way to see animation of the swarm? maybe I can put plot command in functions where you have each swarm as points on 2D plane? Thank you.

Trung Q. Nguyen

Manh Duong Phung

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