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Kuwahara filter

version (1.03 KB) by Arthur Barnes
Kuwahara edge-preserving filter.


Updated 01 Aug 2005

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This function implements the Kuwahara filter, a 2D nonlinear filter that reduces noise in an image while at the same time preserving edge content. A code example follows:

RGB = imread('saturn.png');
I = rgb2gray(RGB);
J = imnoise(I,'gaussian',0,0.005);
Y = kuwahara(J,5,true);

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Arthur Barnes (2020). Kuwahara filter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Junbong Jang


Kaj W

Good but slow

Giovanni Motta

BUG: Output image is misaligned
Line 68
Y(i,j) = m(k);
Should be
Y(i-PADDING,j-PADDING) = m(k);

Davide Bianconi

Good filter, but very slow.

Chaiwoot Boonyasiriwat

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Created with R14SP2
Compatible with any release
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