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Method of moments for 2D scattering from PEC cylinder (CFIE)

version 1.3 (13.8 KB) by Mazin Mustafa
Solves 2D scattering problem using MoM with Pieacewise Linear basis and testing functions (Galerkin's method) and calculates RCS.


Updated 15 Aug 2021

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The program calculates the RCS for scattering by 2D cylinder for both TE and TM fields. The scatterer is assumed a PEC object with a cross section that forms a closed contour in the x-y plane. The incident field is assumed a plane wave defined by the incidence angle phi_i. The program accepts 1D mesh files of the format .dat, this allows flexibility to study any arbitrary shape which can be drawn via suitable mesh generator software (e.g., Salome, Gmsh, ParaView,... etc.). The mesh file must represent the dimensions in terms of wavelength (\lambda). The recommended mesh size is based on the segment length which is less than 10th of \lambda (typical value). The program calculates the induced currents on the scatterer using the method of moments with PWL (triangular) Galerkin's method for CFIE. The program returns the values of the currents on each overlapping segment and also computes the bistatic RCS data. The near field approximation is achieved by approximating the integerals, thus values near the scatterer surface are inaccurate (singular) and it is included just for illustration.

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Mazin Mustafa (2022). Method of moments for 2D scattering from PEC cylinder (CFIE) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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