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MATLAB package for quantum information science and quantum mechanics.



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This program package helps modeling spin chains, qubit registers, etc. according to nonrelativistic quantum mechanics and some novel ideas from quantum information theory.
In particular, it contains MATLAB routines for reordering qubits, for computing the reduced density matrix after removing some of the qubits, for partial transposition, etc. Most of the routines work also for qudits. It also has routines for handling GHZ states, cluster states, graph states, Dicke states, etc.
See README.txt. See also

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peng yin

I want to know why my CVX cannot call the partialtranpose function as a constraint to solve a semidefinite programming problem.



Liu Changhai

great helpful for me

Lee Jackee

sorry forget give you a A!

Lee Jackee

Thank you very much!It's really helpful for me!

Konrad Walus

Excellent work Geza!!

Gustavo Rubin

very good

jiangmin zhang

quite powful!

Amir Tavala

I really need it. I hope to see the newer version soon.

Shawn Hu

It is timely for a freshman to find it!



V 5.5: small changes + elin.m calculating an entanglement measure added (see README.txt)


V 5.5: small changes + elin.m calculating an entanglement measure added (see README.txt)


V 5.1: small changes + some commands added, such as fisher.m and operators for continuous variable systems (see README.txt)


V 5.00: small changes, e.g., Fj defined (see README.txt)


V 5.00: small changes, e.g., Fj defined (see README.txt)


V 4.01: small changes (see README.txt)


V 4.0: small changes + some commands added (see README.txt)

V3.02 small changes (see README.txt)

V 3.01: Small changes in help text

small changes, some new commands added (proj_asym,proj_asym, ccnr, orthogobs, trnorm, smolinstate, BES_Horodecki3x3, BES_Horodecki2x4, BES_UPB3x3, mrealign, va), 20 pages documentation added as qubit4matlab.pdf. See README.txt.

Some of the most important routines
(e.g., reorder, decompose) are made faster. Several routines work now also for qudits, not only for qubits.
New routines are added for spin chains, random matrices, etc. For details see README.txt.

Small bugs corrected, some new functions
added. For details see README.txt.

Small changes + examples added

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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