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version 1.0.1 (1.24 MB) by Philip Laserstein
Repository for experiments with BackyardBrains Hardware


Updated 22 Dec 2020

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In this repository you'll find scripts for Data Acquisition and Analysis with Hardware.

The Live-script HeartBrainSpiker_start will get you started with the Heart and Brain spiker box ( by Backyard Brains.
By using the interactive live-script you will learn how to:

-Acquire data in MATLAB & Simulink
-Read & Write data/code with MATLAB & Simulink on Hardware
-Pre-process ECGs in MATLAB
-Visualize ECGs in MATLAB
-Analyze ECGs in MATLAB
-Label ECGs with Deep Learning in MATLAB

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Philip Laserstein (2021). Neuroscience-Examples-for-MATLAB-and-Backyard-Brains (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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