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Higher-order Spatial Impulse Response Rendering (HO-SIRR)


Updated 05 Nov 2020

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Higher-order Spatial Impulse Response Rendering (HO-SIRR) is a rendering method, which can synthesise output loudspeaker array room impulse responses (RIRs) using input spherical harmonic (Ambisonic/B-Format) RIRs of arbitrary order. The method makes assumptions regarding the composition of the sound-field and extracts spatial parameters over time, which allows it to map the input to the output in an adaptive and more informed manner; when compared to linear methods such as Ambisonics.

The idea is that you then convolve a monophonic source with this loudspeaker array RIR, and it will be reproduced and exhibit the spatial characteristics of the captured space.

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McCormack, L., Pulkki, V., Politis, A., Scheuregger, O. and Marschall, M., (2020). "Higher-Order Spatial Impulse Response Rendering: Investigating the Perceived Effects of Spherical Order, Dedicated Diffuse Rendering, and Frequency Resolution". Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 68(5), pp.338-354.

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