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Cell array implementation of STRFIND

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Updated 14 Nov 2005

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K = STRFIND(STRS,STR) looks through the rows of the cell array of strings STRS to find strings that contain the string STR, returning the matching row indices.

Functions very much like STRMATCH with a cell array input, except STRMATCH is limited to whenever the cell array string begins with STR.

Unlike STRMATCH, it does not work with a char array input. I think this is a limitation of the Matlab function STRFIND.

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Tom Coulter (2021). strfind.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Michael Robbins

Let's not write off all those who cannot afford to upgrade!

Duane Hanselman

This is a builtin function in MATLAB 7.1 (R14sp3)

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Created with R12.1
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