Figure window placement - fig.m

Function fig.m opens figure window on coded place of the screen.


Updated 17 Aug 2006

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Function fig.m is prepared for fast positioning of a figure windows on screen by means of the window position code. The general positioning is also possible. Position codes belong to parts of the screen as follows:

1 top left
2 top right
3 bottom left
4 bottom right
5 full screen
6 left half
7 right half
8 upper half
9 lower half
10 user defined position

The other way to define general position of a figure window is via the position vector of normalized measures [left bottom width height].
It obtains the position code equal 10.

Function calling:
fih = fig(pos); % Creates a figure window and its handle
pos is a position code of the figure, or a vector of four real elements <= 1 = position measures
fih is a handle of the figure

hf = fig([.25, .25, .5, .5]); % figure in the center of the screen
fig(2); % figure window in the right upper quarter of the screen
fig(10); % last user's figure position (here in the screen center)

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Miroslav Balda (2023). Figure window placement - fig.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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