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lutbar: a pedestrian colormap toolbar/contextmenu creator

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LUTBAR creates a colormap toolbar and context menu

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if you are tired of trying colormap(xxx) at the command prompt to find the appropriate colormap for your figure - try LUTBAR
LUTBAR creates a colormap toolbar with colormap icons and context menu from ML?s own colormaps and/or additional colormaps for fast colormap switching in a figure
LUTBAR comes with various options to define those colormaps that you want to show up on the bar/menu

an additional utility, LUT2MAT, converts NIH-IMAGE type color lookup tables to typical ML colormap files of the form xxx_lut.m, which are callable with any number of desired colors, ie, xxx_lut(nrcols)

see the accompanying published ML file for instructions and an example, and type
> help lutbar
> help lut2mat
for more information

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Brad (view profile)

If you are getting an error in the demo when executing the line...


...your current working directory must be ~/lutbar (the folder for this file exchange entry containing lut2mat.m & d.lut). This is regardless of whether /lutbar is in your active path. If you do have /lutbar in your path, you can stick this line of code somewhere at the top of the file will fix the problem...


The scrupulous user should bake-in a way to return to the current working directory before departing the lut2mat() function.


wee (view profile)


Jveer (view profile)

Brett Shoelson

Brett Shoelson (view profile)

Steffi Grollius

works fine!


resubmitted due to some code metrics issue

added support for R2006x versions; lutbar version tag is 03-Sep-2006 18:34:41

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