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version (2.73 KB) by Gaetan Koers
A function to create tables rows in text.


Updated 05 Dec 2005

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TABD(X) is equivalent to DISP(X)

TABD(C, TABS) prints out the strings or scalars in the cell array C,left aligned to the tabs given in increasing order in TABS, in character units. The number of tabs should equal the number of elements in C.

TABD(C, TABS, ALIG) aligns the column data to the tabs according to the alignment method given by the string ALIG. ALIG should contain 1 or as many as tabs of the characters 'l', 'r', 'c' which stand for left, right or center alignment, respectively.

Strings or string conversions in C which are longer than the spacing to neighbouring tabs are truncated to fit the tab distance. When strings overlap neighbouring strings (e.g. the strings at a left aligned tab coming before a right aligned tab), strings that come later in the order of C overwrite strings that come before.

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Gaetan Koers (2022). TABD (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R14SP2
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