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2D & 3D Spectra of Savitzky-Golay Smoothing and Differentiation Filters

version (977 KB) by Abdulwahab Abokhodair
Spectral plots of Savitzky-Golay smoothing and differentiation filters


Updated 19 Dec 2005

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This zip-file contains two m-files that generate 2D spectral plots of smoothing and differentiation filters.

The files are useful for illustration and educational purposes.


[w,A] = ztrans1d(h);
[u,v,A] = ztrans2d(h);
u,v,w = 1d and 2d frequencies up the folding frequency. A = amplitude density.
h = 1D and 2D filter coeffecients.

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Where can I find the mentioned functions sgsf2d.m and 2sgdf2d.m.I've couldn't make it work with the coeficients generated by the sgolay function.

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