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Global to Local Coordinate Transformation Matrix

version (1.69 KB) by Paulo J. Paupitz Goncalves
T = trans_matrix_beam3d(x0,y0,z0,x1,y1,z1,alpha)


Updated 28 Feb 2009

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The function calculates the Global to Local coordinate transformation matrix for a beam in space. [x0,y0,z0] and [x1,y1,z1] are the coordinates of the beam ends. alpha is the twist over the axis perpendicular to the beam cross sectional area, usually set to 0.

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Paulo J. Paupitz Goncalves (2021). Global to Local Coordinate Transformation Matrix (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Eric Metsiem


I was wondering if you could do the same thing for a set of joint angles for a long list of coordinates

Eshwar Pawar

I'm very very thankful to u !!!

F. Moreira

Very Usefull. Thanks

urs (us) schwarz

sin(alfa) and cos(alfa) are computed repeatedly; why not create re-usabel variables, eg,
for the matrix
just a thought

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