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Control for Wolfspeed evaluation inverter CRD300DA12E-XM3

We developed a software including the PMSM machine control for the Wolfspeed evaluation inverter CRD300DA12E-XM3.

Updated 12 Aug 2021

Power Electronics @ home
For power electronics newcomers, the poor availability of off-the-shelf inverters is a high entry barrier. To reduce the effort for the development of new inverters, we have teamed up with the manufacturer Wolfspeed to provide inverter developers with both hardware and software for their first steps. The goal is to offer an easy start into the world of power electronics.
Benefits of our software
Our software was developed as part of a bachelor thesis for the 300kW XM3 Three-Phase Inverter CRD300DA12E-XM3 from Wolfspeed. The advantage for users is that they can obtain a ready-made inverter (overview of suppliers). This inverter can be used with our software.
The advantage of our software is that it is freely available and can be easily adapted by users. For this purpose, a Matlab Simulink model was created, which generates the code for the microcontroller TMS320F28379D from Texas Instruments of the C2000 series directly from Matlab. For this the periphery like the AD-converter, the incremental encoder interface, the PWM modules and the CAN module were configured and used. Machine control in dq coordinates is available as the operating mode.
MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2021a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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