Using Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page lets you search by one or more directives, like title or tag. You can combine search terms to find the particular file or files you want. Enter your search term(s) in the appropriate fields on the page. When you enter more than one search term, the result will be all files that match all of the terms (an AND search).

Building your own search

If you prefer to construct your own searches, you can use search directives in the general search box on the Files page. Enter a directive, a colon (:), and your search term with no spaces, like this:


Entering search terms with no directives in the general search box results in a search for that term or terms in all of the directives.

Combination searches

You may include as many directive:term pairs as you wish, but do separate each pair with spaces. You may use combinations of directives in the same search. To search for more than one value of the same directive, you need to enter the pairs separately. Here's an example that will find all files tagged with "graphics" and "vector":

    tag:graphics tag:vector

To search for a multi-word phrase, enclose the phrase in quotation marks, like this:

    category:"control systems"

Negative Searches

To exclude files with a particular term, use a minus sign. For example, exclude files with the tag “game”:


Search directives

The supported search directives are:


Title of the file.


Tag applied to the file.


ID of user who tagged the file. To find a user’s ID, see the Authors page.


Tag applied by a particular user ID. For example, tagpair:123/vector.


Name of a user who commented on the file.


Name of the user who submitted the file.


Company or university name as provided by the file author.


Average rating applied to the file by the user community.


Minimum rating applied by a particular user ID. For example, ratepair:123/4.


Minimum average community rating of submissions by the author.


Name of a product required to use the file.


Whether the file is covered by the BSD license. Specify license:bsd.


Whether the submission includes formatted HTML code and output. Specify publishedmfile:yes or publishedmfile:no.


Whether the submission includes a screen shot. Specify screenshot:yes or screenshot:no.


File identifier, which appears at the top of the file details page.


Predefined category, as listed on the Files by Category page.