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by Jan

RunLength coding as fast MEX and M-code

validity and speed.Tested: Matlab 6.5, 7.7, 7.8, 7.13, WinXP/32, Win7/64 Compiler: LCC3.8, BCC5.5, OWC1.8, MSVC2008/2010Does not compile under LCC2.4 shipped with Matlab/32!Assumed Compatibility

Makes the pre-R2008b (MATLAB 7.7) default desktop layout available on the Desktop Layout menu.

In MATLAB® 7.7 the default layout was changed. Choosing "Default" from the Desktop Layout menu now arranges desktop tools in three columns where previously they appeared in two columns. If you

This submission implements a robust cost function for designing chamfer masks

The University of Alabama’s EcoCAR Mobility Challenge CAV designs from Year 1 of the competition



by Jan

Choose K elements from a vector - MEX: 100 times faster than NCHOOSEK

its specific job VChooseK is remarkably faster (see screen shot).Tested: Matlab 6.5, 7.7, 7.8, WinXPCompilers: BCC5.5, LCC2.4/3.8, Open Watcom 1.8Please run the unit-test TestVChooseK after compiling

This function extends the capabilities of the plot function in Matlab and enhances the visual output of a basic plot.

) | %| | %| #7 -- Extra Input(Integer

Breusch-Pagan test for heteroskedasticity in a linear regression model (original and Koenker's versions).

Multi-area power systems with wind integration for stability studies


Version 1.7.1

by Jan

MD5 or SHA hash for array, struct, cell or file

numeric vector.EXAMPLES:Default: MD5, hex: DataHash([]) % 7de5637fd217d0e44e0082f4d79b3e73SHA-1, Base64: S.a = uint8([]); S.b = {{1:10}, struct('q', uint64(415))}; DataHash(S, 'base64



by Jan

Overlapping elements of 2 cell strings. 10-20 times faster than INTERSECT/ISMEMBER/SETDIFF.

compiling.Tested: Matlab 6.5, 7.7, 7.8, Win2K/XP



by Jan

A faster FILTER and FILTFILT: Speedup factor 2.5 to 25

uTest_FiltFiltM to check validity and speed.Tested: Matlab 6.5, 7.7, 7.8, WinXP, 32bit Compiler: LCC2.4/3.8, BCC5.5, OWC1.8, MSVC2008Assumed Compatibility: higher Matlab versions, Mac, Linux, 64bitThis is

Modeling Using Artificial Neural Network

A tutorial on how to solve differential equations with MATLAB in the context of radioactive decay according to Bateman.

In this repository, we implemented and trained the SciNet network described in arXiv:1807.10300v3.

project Scinet.prj(optional) run "Read instructions" from project shortcuts panelMathWorks Products (http://www.mathworks.com)Requires MATLAB release R2019b or newerDeep Learning Toolbox™Getting StartedRun

MATLAB examples for use with PicoLog 1000 Series data loggers.

3D convertor from Matlab to SketchUp, permits to create visualization for debugging purposes, data analysis and results rendering.




by Florian Schanda

MATLAB Independent, Small & Safe, High Integrity Tools - code formatter and more


Version 1.0.5

by JaeHyeok Park

Efficient calculation of combination or binomial coefficient, without direct calculating factorials.

below)https://kr.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/105320-nck?tab=discussions#discussions_2429840usage:>> nck(7,5)21Inspired by python reduce implementationmodified using better alrorithm

SimPowerSystems model of the 41-bus Western North American Power Grid

This file contains the MATLAB code for generation of DSBSC signal.

Supplemental Control for Enhancing Primary Frequency Response of DFIG-based Wind Farm

A simple code for Economic Load Dispatch using Optimization Functions available in MATLAB or GNU Octave.


Version 1.0.0

by Ethan Kubatko

Generates Legendre polynomials in MATLAB® polynomial form

ac voltage controller

Label contours along a curve in MATLAB

Thresholding and Regularization Techniques for Image Denoising

TRT_FilterThresholding and Regularization Techniques for Image DenoisingGUI requires MATLAB 2021bCite the paper:Nguyen N. Hien, Dang N.H. Thanh, Ugur Erkan, Joao M.R.S. Tavares. “Image Noise Removal

Some tools for geostatistical analysis

Perform the Fourier transform based autocorrelation of grayscale frames to measure the speckle size. Also work with stacks of images

Bayesian lasso, horseshoe and horseshoe+ linear, logistic regression and count regression

This is a Simulink project to provide the values of pressure and flow in the human circulatory system with electric circuits components.

An Introduction to Sliding mode Control:Basics

https://youtu.be/e-wzvbYwWN8https://youtu.be/VNB_SyAvB68https://youtu.be/vZIcVabXysgAdaptive Sliding-Mode Control for Boost DC–DC Converters: MATLAB Implementationhttps://youtu.be/u2nr0O2aitcA High-Speed Sliding-Mode Observer for the Sensorless Speed Control of a

Convert colors between rgb and hex values

sign is optional = 0.2000 0.3020 0.4000myRGBvalue = hex2rgb('#334D66',255) = 51 77 102myhexvalues = ['#334D66';'#8099B3';'#CC9933';'#3333E6'];myrgbvalues = hex2rgb(myhexvalues) =

Panic Simulator


by Julian

Simulates panic behaviour in modifiable rooms with one exit

This app detect the virus using ML technique !



by Jari Repo

Finds the feasible region from a set of constant, linear and nonlinear inequalities

feasible region boundary. The final feasible region is then found by scanning along the discrete x-grid for valid (non-conflicting) constraints.The output is ultimately a closed piecewise linear boundary B



by Blaine Rister

3D SIFT keypoints and feature descriptors, image registration, and I/O for DICOM, NIFTI.

Demo that shows how to use auto-encoders to detect anomalies in sensor data

Identifies 2D vortices using Gamma 1 from Graftieaux

An image inpainting method presented in SigComTel 2019

Please cite the following paper:D. N. H. Thanh, N. Van Son and V. B. S. Prasath, "Distorted Image Reconstruction Method with Trimmed Median," 2019 3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in

Gui for visualizing A = U*S*V'

Matlab interface to the L-BFGS-B nonlinear optimization algorithm

L-BFGS-B is a collection of Fortran 77 routines for solving nonlinear optimization problems with bound constraints on the variables. One of the key features of the nonlinear solver is that the

The project defines a voronoi3d class, which can generate 3d voronoi polyhedrons from fem mesh and visualize them

For a given data, Gamma fit is computed using Method of Moments.

Reconstruct a set of points from their image projections

Set of functions for receiving mail feedback from Matlab

Open Source Simulation Package for MATLAB



by Guillaume Erny

Matlab toolbox for separation techniques hyphenated high resolution mass spectrometry

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