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1 Jan 2014 A lightweight framework to expose computational MATLAB® resources over HTTP.

Components to run a HTTP REST Server inside MATLAB and some sample clients.

client-server, distributed, http, integration, rest 21 1
23 Sep 2013 ビッグデータ解析とMATLAB


article, data explor..., distributed 15 1
17 Jul 2013 Big Data with MATLAB

Tools to tackle big data challenges with MATLAB

cluster, 64-bit, big data, cloud, distributed 189 1
9 Jul 2011 MTIDS (Matlab Toolbox for Interconnected Dynamical Systems)

Test Rig for Large-Scale and Interconnected Dynamical Systems

control design, data export, distributed, gui, mathematics 124 1
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Mar 2011 Matlab (R2010b) Distributed Computing Server Tutorial: Setup (semi-specific for UB's cluster), use, and example programs.

*MDCS files for a cluster w/ intel-mpi.
*example parallel programs
*parallel graphics

Contributed by: Nate
distributed, cluster, infiniband, intel-mpi, mdcs 766 1
5.0 | 1 rating
27 Nov 2010 Parallel Implementation of the Filtered Back Projection Algorithm for Tomographic Imaging

Computer Tomography(CT) is used in several applications --- medicine, non-destructive testing/eva...

distributed, parallel 842 2
6 Jul 2009 Accelerating a Geospatial Application Using MATLAB Distributed Computing Tools

Using four computers, researchers reduced run-time for a computationally intensive application.

aggregation, article, coarsegrained, computing, distributed 24 1
12 Nov 2008 MATLAB Distributed Computing Server 4.0

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™ lets users solve computationally and data-intensive problems...

parallel, distributed 27 1
18 Jul 2006 TCP/IP communication using MATLAB - Technical article

MATLAB can be used as a client to exchange data with a remote application not developed in MATLAB...

distributed, parallel 168 1
6 Jun 2005 MATLAB Distributed Computation Tutorial

This tutorial is aimed at researchers and engineers who want to use MATLAB for distributed applic...

distributed, parallel 53 1
8 Nov 2004 MathWorks - Parallel Computing Toolbox

Parallel Computing Toolbox enables you to use MATLAB and Simulink to harness multiprocessing hard...

distributed, parallel 232 1
9 Oct 2003 Amirus Reflective Memory Software

AmirusMM is a development tool which 'reflects' up to 64Mbytes of computer memory using standard ...

distributed, parallel 9 1
18 Apr 2000 MathWorks - MATLAB News & Notes

Helping to optimize the use of MATLAB, Simulink, and their associated toolboxes and blocksets, MA...

biotechnology, blogs, distributed, newsletters, parallel 38 1
7 Apr 2000 ParaMat - Parallel processing under MATLAB control on a multiprocessor Alpha AXP

ParaMat is a software package that allows existing PC-based MATLAB
and Simulink applications to b...

distributed, embedded, parallel, real time 27 1
18 Jul 1998 CONLAB

CONLAB (CONcurrent LABoratory) is an environment for developing algorithms for parallel computer

distributed, parallel 14 1
17 Jan 1997 Parallel Programming with MPI

Parallel Programming with MPI is an elementary introduction to programming parallel systems that ...

parallel, distributed 254 1

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