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6 Feb 2015 Convolutional Neural Nets on Matlab and C++ as mex files, that work identically

Well structured and tested Matlab and C++ code with many features implemented.

c++, classification, cnn, convolution..., image class... 1197 3
5.0 | 2 ratings
9 Sep 2014 mexopencv - Collection and a development kit of matlab mex functions for OpenCV library

mexopencv - Matlab mex functions for OpenCV

computer vi..., mex, image proce..., opencv, video 1933 11
4.9 | 10 ratings
13 Mar 2014 C++ MEX development kit. Makes it easy to wrap a C++ class in Matlab.

C++ MEX development kit.

c++, mex 67 1
17 Sep 2013 Techniques for accelerating MATLAB algorithms and applications

Top 5 MATLAB Acceleration Techniques

acceleration, c code, faster, gpu, mex 155 1
20 Nov 2011 CUDA example to speed up FFT using GPUs

An example showing how to speed up 2D FFT using NVIDIA CUDA SDK....

mex 1594 2
10 Oct 2008 Online mex gateways generator

On online system for generating gateway mex functions from any native C,FORTRAN77, and FORTRAN90 ...

mex 82 1
1 Sep 2007 Automatic generation of Fortran gateways

We have developed a graphical gateway generator for Fortran 77-90/95 codes in Java. Please, try i...

mex 65 1
13 Nov 2006 Channel Coding in Digital Communication

MEX source code for convolutional code, turbo code, dan space time code...

communications, mex 444 1
26 Nov 2005 SUNDIALS

sundialsTB, a Matlab Interface to SUNDIALS....

mex 124 1
23 Jul 2005 Using the Lahey/Fujitsu LF95 compiler within MATLAB.

LFMATLAB.EXE (65 KB) This self-extracting zip file supports using the LF95 compiler within MATLA...

mex 33 1
8 Jun 2005 MATLAB Gateways on Linux using the NAGWare f95 Compiler

The Mathworks recommends using g77 as the Fortran compiler for generating MATLAB MEX files on Lin...

mex 9 1
8 Jun 2005 Writing C Functions in MATLAB (MEX-Files)

This is a basic guide to writing mex files for MATLAB in C. This guide gives a simple background ...

mex 276 1
7 Jun 2005 MATLAB/MEX Interface to SVMlight

MEX-SVM is an interface between MATLAB and SVMlight , a powerful and efficient SVM package develo...

mex 491 1
9 Jul 1999 GENMEX

GENMEX is a utility to automatically generate MATLAB MEX-files that call Fortran (especially NAG)...

mex 28 1
1 Jan 1999 MEX files with gnuwin32

This file is intended to explain how to install the Cygnus port of the gcc compiler so that it ca...

mex 19 1

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