inbasin documentation

inbasin returns true for coordinates inside a given basin in the MEaSURES Antarctic Boundaries for IPY 2007-2009 from Satellite Radar dataset Version 2.

The Antarctic Boundaries dataset is described on the NSIDC site here. An overview of the tools in this AMT plugin can be found here.

(For Zwally's basins instead use basinsps.)



tf = inbasin(lat,lon,basinDataset,basinName)
tf = inbasin(x,y,basinDataset,basinName)


tf = inbasin(lat,lon,basinDataset,basinName) is true for all lat,lon points inside the polygon of the basinName inside a specified basinDataset. The optins for basinDataset are 'imbie' or 'imbie refined' and basin names can be determined by typing plot_basins('demo').

tf = inbasin(x,y,basinDataset,basinName) as above, but for input coordinates x,y in polar stereographic meters (ps71 aka EPSG:3031)


Suppose you have a 25 km resolution grid, about 2000 km by 2000 km over West Antarctica. It looks like this:

[lat,lon] = psgrid('west antarctica',2000,25);

plotps(lat,lon,'.','color',0.8*[1 1 1])
axis tight
xlabel 'eastings (km)'
ylabel 'northings (km)'

And you want to know which of those grid points are drained by Thwaites Glacier. Here's the Thwaites Glacier basin outline:

plot_basins('imbie refined','basin','Thwaites','linewidth',2)

% Add a nice label:
scarlabel('Thwaites Glacier','fontsize',9,'fontangle','italic')

The grid cells drained by Thwaites can be found by inbasin like this:

thwaites = inbasin(lat,lon,'imbie refined','thwaites');

% Plot Thwaites grid cells as red circles:

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Author Info

This function and supporting documentation were written by Chad A. Greene of the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG), May 2018.