Five-Bar Linkage Stamping Mechanism

This example models a stamping mechanism using the Simscape Multibody Parts Library. It is a five-bar linkage with a single degree of freedom. Assembling basic, parameterized parts enables quick modeling of a mechanism with a complex movement. Varying the parameter values enables exploration of the motion this mechanism can achieve.



Link 3 Subsystem

This subsystem models a linkage with a bend and three attachment points. Straight and curved parts are combined to create the linkage. Block Transform Center Pin adds a frame at the correct location for the pin.

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Link 4 Subsystem

This subsystem models another curved linkage with three attachment points. The stamping pad is attached to the end of the link.

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Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plot below shows the height of the stamping pad as Link 1 rotates.