MATLAB xUnit Test Framework: How to Write and Run Tests

This example shows how to write and run a couple of test cases for the MATLAB fliplr function.


Make a folder for your tests

To get started, create a folder (directory) that will contain your tests, and then make that your working folder. The test directory in this example is example_quick_start.

cd example_quick_start

Write each test case as a simple M-file

Write each test case as an M-file function that returns no output arguments. The function name should start or end with "test" or "Test". The test case passes if the function runs with no error.

Here's a test-case M-file that verifies the correct output for a vector input.

type testFliplrVector
function testFliplrVector
%testFliplrVector Unit test for fliplr with vector input

in = [1 4 10];
out = fliplr(in);
expected_out = [10 4 1];

if ~isequal(out, expected_out)
    error('testFliplrVector:notEqual', 'Incorrect output for vector.');

The function testFliplrVector calls the function being tested and checks the output against the expected output. If the output is different than expected, the function calls error.

Here's another test-case M-file that verifies the correct fliplr output for a matrix input.

type testFliplrMatrix
function testFliplrMatrix
%testFliplrMatrix Unit test for fliplr with matrix input

in = magic(3);
assertEqual(fliplr(in), in(:, [3 2 1]));

This function is simpler than testFliplrVector because it uses the utility testing function assertEqual. assertEqual checks to see whether its two inputs are equal. If they are equal, assertEqual simply returns silently. If they are not equal, assertEqual calls error.

Run all the tests using runxunit

To run all your test cases, simply call runxunit. runxunit automatically finds all the test cases in the current directory, runs them, and reports the results to the Command Window.

Test suite: C:\Users\psexton\Documents\GitHub\matlab-xunit-doctest\doc\example_quick_start
20-Feb-2014 19:59:07

Starting test run with 2 test cases.
PASSED in 0.014 seconds.

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