MATLAB xUnit Test Framework: How to Write Tests That Share Common Set-Up Code

Sometimes you want to write a set of test cases in which the same set of initialization steps is performed before each test case, or in which the same set of cleanup steps is performed after each test case. This set of common setup and teardown code is called a test fixture.

In subfunction-based test files, you can add subfunctions whose names begin with "setup" and "teardown". These functions will be called before and after every test-case subfunction is called. If the setup function returns an output argument, that value is saved and passed to every test-case subfunction and also to the teardown function.

This example shows a setup function that creates a figure and returns its handle. The figure handle is passed to each test-case subfunction. The figure handle is also passed to the teardown function, which cleans up after each test case by deleting the figure.

cd examples_general
type testSetupExample
function testSuite = testSetupExample
testSuite = buildFunctionHandleTestSuite(localfunctions);

function fh = setup
fh = figure;

function teardown(fh)

function testColormapColumns(fh)
assertEqual(size(get(fh, 'Colormap'), 2), 3);

function testPointer(fh)
assertEqual(get(fh, 'Pointer'), 'arrow');

Run the tests using runxunit.

runxunit testSetupExample
Test suite: testSetupExample
Test suite location: C:\Users\psexton\Documents\GitHub\matlab-xunit-doctest\doc\examples_general\testSetupExample.m
20-Feb-2014 19:59:11

Starting test run with 2 test cases.
PASSED in 0.109 seconds.

You might also want to see the example on writing test cases by subclassing TestCase.

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