m-file name Description
ge_axes Adds grid lines to the Google Earth Viewer.
ge_barbdaes Generates windbarb collada models (*.dae) for displaying wind speed and direction on both hemispheres.
ge_box Visualization of rectangular polygons on the Earth's surface.
ge_circle Visualization of circular polygons on the Earth's surface.
ge_colorbar Adds a colorbar to the Google Earth Viewer.
ge_contour Visualization of a contour map in Google Earth.
ge_contourf Visualization of a filled contour map in Google Earth.
ge_cylinder Visualization of vertical cylinders in Google Earth.
ge_folder Organizes kml outputs into a folder tree.
ge_gplot Visualization of point connectivity in 2D space.
ge_groundoverlay Draping an image over the Earth's surface.
ge_imagesc Visualization of 2D matrices.
ge_output Writes kml and kmz files by adding kml header and footer to kml output generated by other functions.
ge_plot Plots lines parallel to the Earth surface (2D).
ge_plot3 Plots lines in space and the atmosphere (3D).
ge_point Visualization of point data.
ge_poly Visualization of irregular shapes parallel to the Earth surface.
ge_poly3 Visualization of irregular shapes in space and the atmosphere.
ge_quiver Visualization of directional data using arrows (2D).
ge_quiver3 Visualization of directional data using arrows (3D).
ge_screenoverlay Use image overlays to display logos, legends, and additional data in the GoogleEarth Viewer.
ge_surf Visualization of manifold surfaces in Google Earth Viewer.
ge_text Adds text labels to the GoogleEarth visualization.
ge_windbarb Visualization of 2D directional wind data using standard wind barb symbols to indicate speed and direction of the wind.
subject Description
Collada models What Collada models are, what they are used for and how they can be generated.
Extruding objects What extruding an object means.
Tessellation What tessellation means.
Dynamic visualization   How to set up your functions to have them generate dynamic content when viewed in Google Earth.