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Creates Google Earth *.kml and *.kmz files.

With ge_output(), sets of XML tags are written to a *.kml or *.kmz file, enclosing a character array of XML tags that were generated by other functions of the Google Earth Toolbox such as ge_plot().

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Writes the character array "S" to the ASCII file with filename "F". "S" contains kml tags generated by other functions, such as ge_plot(), ge_quiver3() or ge_folder(). The type of file (*.kml or *.kmz) depends on the extension of the filename "F".


In addition to the above, some optional parameters can be specified for saving the kml or kmz file (see table below). Assigning values to the parameters can be accomplished by inclusion of an alternating sequence of parameters and their value. The table below provides an overview of the authorized options. The order in which the parameters are included does not matter. Please be aware that the options are case-sensitive. Examples are provided further down.

'msgToScreen'Defines whether verbose feedback is provided by the function when it is accessed and when it finishes. Default is false (which is equivalent to logical(0), but quicker).
'name'Character array with the name of the object.

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kmz files are compressed (i.e. zipped) kml files, therefore they are generally smaller in size. You can view the contents of any kmz file with normal (un)zipping software, such as WinZip.

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kmlStr01 = ge_point(5,5,5);
kmlStr02 = ge_point(6,6,6);

%This generates a kml file:

%This generates a kmz (zipped kml) file: