How to make an animated GIF

This example animates the vibration of a membrane, captures a series of screen shots, and saves the animation as a GIF image file.

The resulted animated GIF was embedded in this HTML page using the Image cell markup (see help for markup formatting).

Here's the M code.

Z = peaks;
axis tight
f = getframe;
[im,map] = rgb2ind(f.cdata,256,'nodither');
im(1,1,1,20) = 0;
for k = 1:20
  f = getframe;
  im(:,:,1,k) = rgb2ind(f.cdata,map,'nodither');
imwrite(im,map,'DancingPeaks.gif','DelayTime',0,'LoopCount',inf) %g443800

For more details about GIF settings DelayTime and LoopCount for desired effect see the help for imwrite/gif.