function varargout = covarNMRtoolbox(varargin)
% Covariance NMR Toolbox, ver. 1.0b, (C) (2010) David A. Snyder(1) along with Timothy Short(1),
%   Leigh Alzapiedi(1) and Rafael Brschweiler (2)
%   (1) Department of Chemistry, College of Science and Health, William Paterson University
%   (2) Department of Chemistry and NHMFL, Florida State University
% The authors acknowledge additional assistance from Megha Trambadiya,
%   Pankaj Vekarya, Crystal Walcott, Yanbin Chen and Fengli Zhang as well as support
%   from Start-up Funds and Assigned Release Time (ART), awarded to D.A.S. and  
%   student worker funds, from the College of Science and Health and from the Office of
%   the Provost, William Paterson University
% Contents of the covariance NMR toolbox
%     read_nmrp           ----    read in an NMR Pipe format file
%     covar               ----    covariance processing, e.g., of a spectrum read in using read_nmrp 
%     write_covar2pipe    ----    write results of covar to a NMR Pipe format file
%     apply_mask          ----    masking and regularization of NMR datasets, e.g. read in using read_nmrp
%     gic_pca             ----    analyze a peak list using PCA and GIC
%     Plot2DSpec          ----    plot a 2D spectrum stored as a MATLAB array (not yet OCTAVE compatable)
%     swap_donor_accpt    ----    swap which dimensions are considered donor vs. acceptor dimensions
%     reset_donors        ----    reset which dimensions are considered donor vs. acceptor dimensions
%     get_header_data     ----    parse NMR Pipe format header data (helper function) 
%     reset_header_data   ----    reset NMR Pipe format header data (helper function) 
%     read_tmp_file       ----    read temporary file written by covar when analyzing large data sets (helper function)
%     inc2ppm             ----    convert incriments to ppm (helper function)
%     ppm2inc             ----    convert ppm to incriments (helper function) 
%     template_pipeheader ----    .mat format dataset of a template NMR pipe file format header 

help covarNMRtoolbox