Using Prefixes with Unit Names

Prefixes can be used with defined unit names to expand the scope of unit names. You can, for example, create kilometers from meters by adding the prefix "kilo".

ans = 
     1000 m

The answer is returned as 1000 meters. The term "kilometer" is a standard and well recognized term. Prefixes can also be used used in conjunction with terms that are not as well recognized. For example, the diameter of the earth at the equator is


If the earth were perfectly spherical, the volume of the earth would be


Just for fun, the volume of the earth can be expressed in "megateaspoons".

ans = 
     1.96396e+020 megateaspoons

Available Prefixes and Their Values

  yatto          1e24
  zetta          1e21
  exa            1e18
  peta           1e15
  tera           1e12
  giga           1e9
  mega           1e6
  kilo           1e3
  hecto          1e2
  deka           10
  deci           0.1
  centi          1e-2
  milli          1e-3
  micro          1e-6
  nano           1e-9
  pico           1e-12
  femto          1e-15
  atto           1e-18
  zepto          1e-21
  yacto          1e-24