System Requirements


Required Mathworks® Products

This toolbox was created for Matlab R2013b. It requires the following Mathworks products to run:

  1. Matlab®
  2. Simulink®
  3. Matlab Coder™
  4. Simulink Coder™
  5. Embedded Coder®

Recommended Mathworks Products

These products are recommended as useful when targetting an RM48 Microcontroller:

  1. Fixed-Point Designer™
  2. Signal Processing Toolbox™
  3. DSP System Toolbox™

Required Hardware

In general the only hardware requirements are:

  1. Hardware platform based on a TI RM48 series processor
  2. Available serial port on the hardware platform
  3. JTAG emulator supported by Code Composer Studio v5.3

For testing, we used an RM48 HDK: TMDXRM48HDK. We recommend beginning with an HDK or alternatively a control card TMDXRM48CNCD for this release.

Both the control card and the HDK meet the three basic hardware requirements.   Both use the RM48 processor and include an integrated XDS100v2 emulator which provides both the JTAG emulator and the serial port connections back to the host machine over a single USB cable.

Other target boards may require customizations in order to work properly.    For example, the operating frequency may need to be changed on a target board that runs at a frequency other than 200MHz. Or the serial port used on the target device may need to be changed.    Guidance on adapting this package to different hardware may be found in the Making Customizations section of the User's Guide.

Required Texas Instruments Software Products

  1. Code Composer Studio v5 (v5.3 or later) ( download )
  2. TI ARM C/C++ Optimizing Compiler (v5.01 or later)  ( information)

The TI ARM C/C++ Optimizing Compiler is not available as a standalone installer but must be installed through Code Composer Studio.  

Support for the RM48 processor is an optional Code Composer Studio component, and must be selected during installation. See New Code Composer Studio Installation Instructions for guidance on the components that are required for RM48 support in a new installation of Code Composer Studio.

To add support for RM48 to an existing Code Composer Studio installation, see Existing Code Composer Studio Instructions.

Recommended Texas Instruments Software Products

  1. HalCoGen ( download )   (Required to customize the setup of the target device or to change target devices)

New Code Composer Studio Installation Instructions

During the installation process for Code Composer Studio, you must make sure that you select the optional components required to support the RM48 family of products.

Processor Support

For RM48 Support, you must select either Cortex-R4F MCUs or alternatively Safety MCUs (for CCSv5 >= v5.5) in the Processor Support window of the installer. For CCSv6, select 32-bit ARM MCUs -> Hercules Device Support (Note that this release has not been tested with CCSv6). You may also select other architectures in addition to Cortex-R4F MCUs but they are not required for the RM48 target support package.

Select Components - Compiler Tools

For RM48 Support, you must select TI Arm Compiler Tools in the Select Components - Compiler Tools window of the installer. You may also select other toolchains but they are not required for RM48 support.

Select Emulators - JTAG Emulator Support

The RM48 is supported by most JTAG emulators displayed in this window, so you should select the emulator that you plan to use with the RM48 target board that you have.

In addition, if you plan to use one of the TI development kits with a built in emulator (such as an HDK or a controlCard) then you should select XDS100 Class Emulator Support.

Existing Code Composer Studio Instructions

If you have Code Composer Studio already installed, but didn't install the required components for RM48 support as described in the New Code Composer Studio Installation Instructions section, then you can run the installer for the same Code Composer Studio version a second time. This will allow you to add the missing components. Refer to the instrucitons for a new installation to understand which components are required for RM48 support.

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