Configuring a Model for PIL Simulation on TI HERCULES RM48

After you have run the example PIL simulation, you will want to configure your own model to run a PIL simulation on an RM48 target. This section explains the steps required to target an RM48 device.


Generic Model Configuration Requirements

There are many model configuration requirements related to generating code and PIL simulaiton in general that are independent of the target device. Your model must meet these requirements if you wish to run a PIL simulaiton on an RM48 target.

See the following documentation sections for generic configuration requirements:

Model Configuration Specific to TI HERCULES RM48 Targets

Specific to the TI HERCULES RM48 target, there are additional requirements for model configuration. For the items below, replace MyModel with your model name:

Enable Profiling via the Cortex R4F PMU

Additionally, you will likely wish to enable profiling. This can be done by setting the parameters as follows:

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