This section lists issues commonly encountered with the Target for TI RM48 MCUs package and suggests solutions to help you get back up and running. In case you can't find your issue listed here please post the problem you are having to the Hercules™ Safety Microcontrollers Forum.


Build Fails

In case the build process fails, first double check that your setup is correctly pointing to the tools directories on your build machine. The script TI_HERCULES_RM48_setup.m can be used to diagnose some problems. Additionally in the Simulink Model Configuration Parameters editor, on the 'Code Generation' pane there is a 'Validate' button that also checks the toolchain setup. Both checks should pass.

If the build process fails during the execution of the make utility, confirm that 'sh.exe' does not appear anywhere on the MATLAB path. GNU make will attempt to use 'sh.exe' instead of the windows shell if it is found on the system path; and if the SHELL environment variable is not set in the generated makefile. This environment variable should be set to the windows default shell when the makefile is generated; so this issue should not occur. But if a strange error occurs during the execution of GNU make; this should be checked.

Simulation Times-Out

If the simulation terminates with a timeout you may see an error message similar to this one:

    Error using ex1_fir_filter (line 199)
    The timeout of 60 seconds for receiving data from
    the rtiostream interface has been exceeded.
    There might be multiple reasons for this failure.
In case this occurs, some items to check are:

HDK Status LEDs

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