Scheduling with an Executable

These demos show how to use schedule tasks when generating an executable.

To perform scheduling in MATLAB, normally a timer or tic/toc can be used. However, these functions are not unsupported for code generation.

As a result, we will use the etic and etoc functions in MATLAB to keep track of time.

In Simulink, we can use the Soft Real-Time block for both simulation and executable deployment.

MATLAB Scheduling

To schedule MATLAB code that will be converted into an executable, use the etic and etoc functions.

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Simulink Scheduling

To schedule Simulink code use the Soft Real-Time block.

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Note: If you wanted to implement your own real-time scheduling system, you can do so using the coder.ceval method in MATLAB and the MATLAB System Object in Simulink. Contact for more information on this topic.