Getting Started Guide for RoboNation Competitions

This documentation helps users get started using MATLAB and Simulink to design and deploy algorithms to your robotic platform.

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Deployment to a Desktop Computer

Go over the available deployment methods to run MATLAB and Simulink algorithms on a desktop computer to control an autonomous vehicle.

Video and Point Cloud

Acquire and visualize data from a video camera, LIDAR or stereovision camera


Communicate to Hardware using UDP,Serial, TCP/IP and ROS Messages

Acoustic Processing

Acquire data from a Data Acquisition Board (DAQ). Perform signal processing on acoustic signals. Implement Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) Estimation to determine the location of a signal

Mobile Robotics

Perform path planning and localization

Remote Control

Provide manual control for a robotic system

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More Resources

For more resources, please see the following:

MathWorks RoboNation Support

To ask questions or to see previously asked questions, please use MATLAB Answers and post or search with the tag corresponding to your competition. For extra guidance as to how to post on MATLAB Answers, use the following post:

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