Running a MATLAB Function and Simulink Model Directly on a Desktop Computer

The purpose of this documentation is to show users how to simply run MATLAB Functions or Simulink Models on a desktop computer for the purpose of controlling an autonomous vehicle.



These sections each cover a core element of desktop deployment. Click on the links to find out more about each topic.

Acquiring and Viewing Video

Learn how to acquire and visualize video

Navigate to "Acquiring and Viewing Video" documentation


Learn how to schedule tasks at a certain rate

Navigate to the "Scheduling" documentation


Learn how to communicate to other hardware, sensors and modules using udp, tcpip and serial methods

Navigate to the "Communication" documentation


Learn how to manage data across functions

Navigate to the "Function" documentation

Buoy Detection

Pull it all together to perform Buoy Detection

Navigate to the "Buoy Detection" documentation

Acoustic Acquisition

Acquire acoustic data from a DAQ

Navigate to the "Acoustic Acquisition" documentation

Remote Control

Switch a Robotic System between Autonomous and Manual Mode using an RC Remote Control

Navigate to "Remote Control" documentation

MATLAB Acceleration

Learn how to Accelerate MATLAB Code using mex files

Navigate to "MATLAB Acceleration" documentation

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