function [x, y, azi, rk] = gnomonic_fwd(lat0, lon0, lat, lon, ellipsoid)
%GNOMONIC_FWD  Forward ellipsoidal gnomonic projection
%   [x, y] = GNOMONIC_FWD(lat0, lon0, lat, lon)
%   [x, y, azi, rk] = GNOMONIC_FWD(lat0, lon0, lat, lon, ellipsoid)
%   performs the forward ellipsoidal gnomonic projection of points
%   (lat,lon) to (x,y) using (lat0,lon0) as the center of projection.
%   These input arguments can be scalars or arrays of equal size.  The
%   ellipsoid vector is of the form [a, e], where a is the equatorial
%   radius in meters, e is the eccentricity.  If ellipsoid is omitted, the
%   WGS84 ellipsoid (more precisely, the value returned by
%   defaultellipsoid) is used.  projdoc defines the projection and gives
%   the restrictions on the allowed ranges of the arguments.  The inverse
%   projection is given by gnomonic_inv.
%   azi and rk give metric properties of the projection at (lat,lon); azi
%   is the azimuth of the geodesic from the center of projection and rk is
%   the reciprocal of the azimuthal scale.  The scale in the radial
%   direction is 1/rk^2.
%   If the point lies "over the horizon", i.e., if rk <= 0, then NaNs are
%   returned for x and y (the correct values are returned for azi and rk).
%   lat0, lon0, lat, lon, azi are in degrees.  The projected coordinates x,
%   y are in meters (more precisely the units used for the equatorial
%   radius).  rk is dimensionless.
%   The ellipsoidal gnomonic projection is an azimuthal projection about a
%   center point.  All geodesics through the center point are projected
%   into straight lines with the correct azimuth relative to the center
%   point.  In addition all geodesics are pass close to the center point
%   are very nearly straight.  The projection is derived in Section 8 of
%     C. F. F. Karney, Algorithms for geodesics,
%     J. Geodesy 87, 43-55 (2013);
%     Addenda:
%   which also includes methods for solving the "intersection" and
%   "interception" problems using the gnomonic projection.
%     FLAT2ECC.

% Copyright (c) Charles Karney (2012-2015) <>.

  narginchk(4, 5)
  if nargin < 5, ellipsoid = defaultellipsoid; end
    [~] = lat0 + lon0 + lat + lon;
    error('lat0, lon0, lat, lon have incompatible sizes')

  [~, azi0, azi, ~, m, M] = geoddistance(lat0, lon0, lat, lon, ellipsoid);
  rho = m ./ M;
  [x, y] = sincosdx(azi0);
  x = rho .* x;
  y = rho .* y;
  rk = M;
  x(M <= 0) = nan;
  y(M <= 0) = nan;