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Extract data using ginput and fit with a formula of your choice
I'm going to say that the input data for the graph is in a 2 column vector called "myData" [x,y] = ginput(2); % assuming you...

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Kindly help on "Error using horzcat Dimensions of arrays being concatenated are not consistent"
when i = 2, the line X1(i,:)=[Y' dY' t]; is trying to concatenate a matrix that is 4x2 (Y'), 4x2 (dY'), and 1x1 (t). Those siz...

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Reading in a text file with numbers and strings into a cell array
For reading the file in, something like this should work. This will output one cell, but you can index that cell into it's subpa...

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lsqcurvefit error: output argument "s" not assigned during call to replace
I use lsqcurvefit for a fair amount of nonlinear curvefitting. I don't think I've tried to use it since I've upgraded to 2020b, ...

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