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PID control of PUMA560 robot
a MATLAB code for a PID controller of 3 DOF PUMA560 robot

1 year ago | 6 downloads |


Fuzzy Logic of PUMA 560 Robot
Fuzzy control algorithm is used to control a three degree of freedom PUMA560 robot.

1 year ago | 7 downloads |


Nonlinear Control of 3 DOF PUMA Robot
Nonlinear Control of 3 DOF PUMA Robot

1 year ago | 21 downloads |


PD Control Quadrotor - Simulink
This file contains the simulink simulation of the PD control of a Quadrotor. Quadrotor model is take

3 years ago | 36 downloads |


PD control of quadrotor
PD controller of the AscTec Pelican quadrotor UAV using MATLAB

4 years ago | 16 downloads |



Chasing Robots using a webcam
A MATLAB Program that uses a webcam to watch three different robots.

7 years ago | 2 downloads |


Re: using ODE to simulate a robot hand
well... yes the problem is in the last lines.... first of all I have changed the name of the second function to be: "functi...

9 years ago | 1353 views


using ODE to simulate a robot hand
Hi, I'm using MATLAB to design a Fuzzy Logic controller to a 3DOF PUMA robot hand... I'm using "ODE15s" trying to simulate the ...

9 years ago | 1353 views