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Change categorical array categories in table for use in uitable dropdown
I'm programming an App Designer GUI with uitable. Some table columns are categorical to do drop-down. On occasion, I want to ext...

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Pre-allocation Warnings, how can I stop this warning?
You just need to follow the warning and pre-allocate the memory and make some small changes to your code. Instead of putting to...

10 months ago | 0

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Fixing InnerPosition for UIAxes with no ActivePositionProperty
I guess UIAxes is just a container containing regular Axes class (if you access protected properties by assigning a uiaxes handl...

10 months ago | 2


Create axes object with multiple y-axis in Figure or App Designer

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Removing Extreme Value from Colorbar
You can set the colormap limits for the current axes by using caxis: caxis([-5,50]) Values below or above these limits will be...

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How to remove period stamp in datetime plot ?
You can manually replace the strings used on the ticks after setting the XTick property: close all t=datetime('now'):hours(1):...

11 months ago | 1

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read a text file, use strcmpi function
A quick and dirty code without preallocation to read the attached .txt-file would be like this: filename='example_437840.txt'; ...

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I don't know why I am getting this Matlab GUI error. Someone please help me get out of this!
If you want to use "dir" on a specific file and the file is not in your current folder, dir will return nothing. This results in...

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How to make an else if statement with multiple lines to execute
I tried to write an example that matches your described code. t is a vector containing 0.1, 0.2, ... and so on as time-data and ...

11 months ago | 0

Unknown axes in GUI
When calling plot or axes you can optionally specify a "parent" or "container", where the axes or plot object gets created in. T...

12 months ago | 1

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Reading sequence of binary packets consisting of multiple datatypes from binary file
I need to access data stored in binary files. In this case, it is an event log file from an old scada system. Each file contains...

12 months ago | 1 answer | 0