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how to find roots of equations
Hi, Adapt the lines as you want: 1- Get the roots C = coeffs(detA,w) % w polynom coeffs r = eval(roots(C)) % roots 2- Re...

1 year ago | 0

Plot line with 2y against single x value
Hi, Read this: Use ylim ...

1 year ago | 0

How can I create a 2D array of 3D points
Hi, Read this:

1 year ago | 0

flatten structure array if values are identical
Hi Idea, Extract, Convert, Sort unique You can extract all the values of a fields with: mystruct.A You can use this func...

1 year ago | 0

string join does not work for char arrays?
Hi Leon, Type: help num2str > num2str: Convert numbers to character representation. You're not using strings but characte...

1 year ago | 0