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League of Legends: MACRO elo boosting guide


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Macro objectives that may help you in every stage of the game. if you want to climb the Elo Leagues quickly, you need to understand how to use them, or just use elo boosting service like

Scuttle Crab is the most major objectives of the first minutes of a match. Scuttle Crab has the highest priority for the jungler that is not good in skirmishing or not aggressive enough. You need to keep in mind that the opposite Jungler might have the same idea so it could be used in an awesome attempt to claim a free kill. But you need to clearly see if you will be able to kill an enemy, otherwise, you need to stay on your safe lane and ping jungler to keep him away.

Herald is an objective that has a much higher value than Scuttle Crab. With his help you will quickly push outer turrets and have a lot of additional gold to the whole team! There are a lot of junglers who could claim Herald solo, but sometimes you will need to give a helping hand to your ally.

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