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how to label both side on y axis?
You should use plotyy If you find plotyy not flexible enough for you, I recommend you to search documentation installed...

6 years ago | 0

resizing a matrix to a target size
It might be an overkill in this case, but I think that interp2 can do the trick for you

8 years ago | 0

How to implement following in matlab?
Make a function which gets a vector and creates all combinations, then call it 3 times: B1 = combinations(A(1,A(:,2)==2)); ...

8 years ago | 0

How to read part of a text file as input
First, read the file into cell-array of strings by running "fgetl" in a loop, then find the relevant 'OUTPUT %d for p=%2f' line ...

8 years ago | 0