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0 total contributions The layered ornaments are a separate order form with the same 5 name minimum and price. If you wish or order this years Custom Name Christmas Ornament Patters here are the details. Link to the Bell and Wreath ornament order form. Click now to place your order. Well, screw them! I have have my cappucino and caramels. November 11th is a day to honor all those who have served in our armed forces. I have done my best to make sure that it is not too weak to cut. I modified the position of the cutouts to make them easier to cut then I added a contoured backer board to finish the project. The two ornaments in the top picture are ordered together. The email was in french but the picture he sent me blew my mind. If you want to celebrate your anniversary or other couples, there are 60 patterns in this pdf.

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