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How make single block diagram with this given parameters?
Hi. If you are using a Transfer Fcn block and have the coefficients defined in your workspace, then enter the equations in the b...

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Frequency Response Analyzer 1.1
Perform frequency analysis of your Simulink model without linearization

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Frequency domain to Time domain Using IFFT : Symmetric figure problem
Your function produced a vector of complex numbers called "A". The original sequence will be reproduced using ifft(A). But the f...

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Substitute s for jw in a transfer function
Matlab uses the reserved constant "i" which is set equal to sqrt(-1). Using your transfer function as defined try the following...

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Sample and hold block (Simulink) - initial value dominates at t = 0?
I don't have the DSP System Toolbox so have replaced the Sampe and Hold with a Triggered Subsystem which exhibited the same prob...

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Plots are stuck on semi-log axis
I have created an app that plots on UIAxes either with a plot command or semilogx command depending on a switch value. But once ...

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Calling a function using ode45 in App Designer results in unrecognized function
In a private method function in App Designer I am using an ode45 call that refers to another function defined within the same ap...

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pdepe problem (numerical vs analytical solution)
I don't think you were summing the terms of your series expansion correctly. The attached code carries out the expansion summati...

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Assigning roots as variables to a function
The output of the roots function can be assigned to a workspace array variable and printed out as you wanted. See the simple exa...

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I have two voltage sources and I would like to get equal V_out from both sources to allow for a parallel connection. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can use the Average DC DC converter to achieve this?
Trying to place power supplies in parallel with each will cause great unhappiness. At best you might tie the outputs together th...

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Integrate a signal over the last x seconds
Using a combination of an integrator, transport delay and summer where you subtract the value of the integrator output from 30 s...

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Fourier series of a sawtooth wave
You are multiplying by pi on the 2nd through 10th harmonics instead of dividing.

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Solving probability problems with MATLAB
Here is my take using a for loop. I wouldn't mind seeing how it is done without using a for loop %% MonteCarloBadApples.m % Au...

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