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Robotics: Modelling, Planning and Control
Advanced textbook on foundations of robotics, modeling, and control (MATLAB and Simulink examples)

9 days ago | 1601 clicks |


Interactive MATLAB Tutorial
An interactive video-based tutorial that introduces MATLAB capabilities and programming

30 days ago | 2920 clicks |


Sea-MAT: MATLAB Tools for Oceanographic Analysis
Comprehensive page of MATLAB tools for time series, numerical modeling, mapping, hydrographics, etc.

3 months ago | 1144 clicks |


Omnidirectional Camera Calibration Toolbox for Windows and Linux

3 months ago | 698 clicks |


Mechanics of Composite Materials with MATLAB
Textbook on concepts & computations in composite material mechanics

3 months ago | 994 clicks |


Introduction to Model-Based System Design Courseware
Course materials by Marc Herniter & Zachriah Chambers at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

4 months ago | 1507 clicks |


Attracting youngsters to Engineering Education through Simulation Based Teaching: The French Example
Diaporama de la présentation à la 41ême conférence SEFI, 16-20 Septembre, 2013.

6 months ago | 57 clicks |


Instrumentation and Microcontrollers using Automatic Code Generation
Microcontrollers using Simulink and code generation to open microcontrollers to all fields of study.

9 months ago | 208 clicks |


Digital Communication Systems Using MATLAB and Simulink
Undergraduate textbook introducing simulation for digital communication systems

11 months ago | 2740 clicks |


Webots MATLAB interface
Instruction on how to interface Webots with MATLAB.

11 months ago | 216 clicks |


MATLAB Support Package for Arduino
MATLAB library and Simulink blocks for communicating with a Arduino over a USB cable

1 year ago | 2314 clicks |


SimBiology for Pharmacokinetic/Phamacodynamic and Mechanistic Modeling
SimBiology tutorial for PK/PD modeling: model building, simulation, and parameter estimation

1 year ago | 47 clicks |


Simulink Support Package for Beagle Board
Simulink target and demos for creating autonomous Beagle Board applications on Windows

1 year ago | 425 clicks |


LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Software for MATLAB and Simulink
MATLAB toolboxes for USB & wireless (Bluetooth) control; Simulink blocksets for NXT code generation

1 year ago | 626 clicks |


Computational Methods in Aerospace Engineering [MIT OpenCourseware]
Lecture material for computational methods in aerospace engineering

1 year ago | 846 clicks |


Understanding Molecular Simulations
Code and course materials for molecular simulations from UC Berkeley.

1 year ago | 595 clicks |


Barrett WAM 7DOF Arm Simulation Control via Matlab
Simulated control and visualization of a Barret WAM (Whole Arm Manipulator)

1 year ago | 109 clicks |


MATLAB Support Package for Vernier SensorDAQ
MATLAB library for reading Vernier sensors using SensorDAQ hardware

1 year ago | 4 downloads |


NI ELVIS II Power Supply, Function Generator, Digital Multimeter Support
MATLAB library that extends support for communicating with a NI ELVIS II prototyping platform

1 year ago | 3 downloads |


MATLAB Support Package for Parallax BASIC Stamp
MATLAB library for communicating with a BASIC Stamp 2 and Board of Education (BoE) kit

1 year ago | 0 downloads |



MATLAB Support Package for Velleman K8055/VM110 Experiment Board
MATLAB library for communicating with a Velleman K8055/VM110 USB Experiment Interface Board

1 year ago | 2 downloads |


MATLAB Educational GUIs for Signal Processing
Educational GUIs (virtual labs) for exploring basic concepts in signal processing

1 year ago | 1066 clicks |


Numerical Analysis [French]
Course on numerical methods for linear systems, with MATLAB exercises and lecture notes.

1 year ago | 222 clicks |


Interactive Simulink Tutorial
An interactive web-based tutorial that introduces Simulink for modeling and simulation

1 year ago | 1713 clicks |


Free curriculum materials for "System Dynamics" textbook
Lecture slides and Simscape models for electromechanical, hydraulic and thermal systems

1 year ago | 247 clicks |


MATLAB Tutorials for an introductory Mechanical Engineering course
Brief tutorials on MATLAB programming and plotting

1 year ago | 1591 clicks |


MATLAB interface to ADAPTICA adaptive optics hardware
MATLAB GUIs and functions for capturing and anayzing wavefront sensor data

2 years ago | 161 clicks |


Automotive Research Lab at Penn State Gives Students Practical Hardware-in-the-Loop Experience
Article decribing the use of Simulink and xPC Target in a graduate-level automotive research course

2 years ago | 160 clicks |


CEE 3604 - Introduction to Transportation Engineering
Course on design and planning of transportation systems, with MATLAB and Simulink simulations

2 years ago | 460 clicks |

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